April 30, 2018

A New Season!

Spring has sprung and the season has finally started to change!  Flowers are blooming, trees are green, and the temperature is starting to rise.  Change can be refreshing!!  After 40 years of serving credit unions and their member-owners, I have seen many “changes” in the credit union system over the past four decades.

One thing has remained constant.  Credit Unions want to put the needs of their members first.  Credit Union names have changed, regulations have changed, product offerings have changed and many vendors have come and gone.  But the focus of “people helping people” has not changed.  That “mission statement” is what has propelled credit unions over time.  The word “value” plays a major role in the future success of credit unions.

When it comes to value, has your credit union been willing to change.  Are you truly giving members what they want and expect?  Have you updated your mobile strategy to engage members beyond a simple banking transaction?  Have you updated your checking account strategy to attract and retain members?  Are you providing members a better value than every other financial institution in your area?

At Member Service Corporation, we “help you help people”!!  Maybe it is time for a change at your credit union.  At MSC, we can help give your credit union the competitive edge you need to compete and stay relevant.  Give us a call!  Your members will be glad you did!!

Richard F Hargis II
Member Service Corporation


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“Helping You Help People”
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