Over the past 25 years, Member Service Corp has represented a variety of AD&D programs. Since 1994, Selman & Company has been our provider of choice by offering superior benefits, excellent marketing support, and customer service. AD&D has become a popular “member appreciation program” for most Credit Unions.

There are several key factors to consider when you select your AD&D provider:

(1) Experienced Administrator: Most AD&D programs are underwritten by highly rated insurance companies. However, service boils down to the plan administrator. Member Service Corp has partnered with one of the nations premier AD&D administrators to make sure your members receive service before and after the sale.
(2) Cost of the “Basic”: What is your credit union paying for the “Free” basic coverage. Since this cost is deducted from your gross compensation… you need to know!
(3) Rate: Most providers charge $1.00 / $10,000 for individual and $1.50 / $10,000 for family with additional coverage amounts up to $250,000. This rate structure gets the best results!

  • Underwritten by New York Life and Aegon.
  • Customized billing administration
  • Personalized mail campaigns
  • Consistent re-solicitations for high penetration
  • Maximum compensation
  • Low “free” basic insurance cost
  • Dedicated Customer Service Center
  • Conversion bonus available
  • Competitive rates and benefits

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One of the best values in the insurance industry is term life insurance. Yet, millions of Americans are “under-insured” and can not even pay off their total consumer debt in the event a loved one dies. Given the success of AD&D insurance, our Group Term Life (GTL) provides even more value since it covers death for any reason. Member Service Corporation can offer your members the most competitive Group Term Life products available on the market today. Monumental Life is a member of the Aegon Insurance Group and maintains an “A+” (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, the leading independent insurance analyst.

Monumental GTL Plan Highlights:

  • Administered by Selman & Company, an experienced credit union insurance administrator
  • Eligible ages: 18 to 64
  • Renewable to age 80
  • Level death benefit
  • Coverage amounts up to $150,000
  • No Active Duty Military Exclusion
  • Simplified Issue – no exams required to apply
  • Customized direct mail campaign
  • VeriSign Secure Online Enrollment Site
  • Economical Group Rates (ACH billing)
  • Level Fee Income paid for the life of the program


Member Service Corporation has marketed voluntary group dental insurance since 1980. Second to major medical insurance, dental insurance is one of the most requested insurance benefits in the nation today. There are several different kinds of dental programs, with two of the most popular being “Managed Care” and “Indemnity” dental plans.

1.  Managed Care: A managed care dental plan contracts with specific dental offices to provide substantial benefits to plan members. There are typically no waiting periods, no pre-existing condition exclusions, no annual benefit maximums, no claim forms to file and no deductibles. The plan offers a fixed dollar “co-payment” or fee schedule for each covered dental procedure. Plan members must use a dental office on the approved list.

2.  Indemnity Plan: The indemnity plan allows insureds to use any dentist, including specialists. These plans have a percentage benefit, or in the case of a “schedule” plan, a fixed dollar benefit maximum paid to the dental provider. The biggest advantage of these plans is “freedom of choice”. Normal claim forms are filed by the dental office to receive plan benefits.

If you are a member of one of the credit unions listed below, simply click on your credit union logo for a dental enrollment kit. For an updated list of dental offices for the Assurant Benefits Programs (now SunLife), click here. Call Member Service Corp at 1-800-537-9035 for any questions.


Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation. Your social security number, your birth date and other identifying information such as your address and phone number are all an identity thief needs to commit identity fraud. They can use this information to obtain a false driver’s license with their own picture or apply as you for instant credit. Easier yet, they can receive credit approval through the mail by posing as you and providing their own address stating they have moved.Member Service Corporation will work directly with your credit union to determine the best identity theft solution for your members.

Route 66© Extended Vehicle Warranty

“Route 66 has been an outstanding partner for Redstone Federal Credit Union. You worry about many warranty programs because of the potential “noise” that some programs can cause. With the Route 66 product, we have found that they have a unique willingness to pay claims for our members. Their product is a great fit for our membership because of their price point as well as their unique product features which definitely set them apart from their competitors. We have been extremely pleased.”